Branding and Identity


The packaging for Mamá Spice featured watercolor textures which were color-coded to indicate the product line.

The branding for Mamá Art Cafe and Mamá Spice featured hand lettering and watercolor textures.

Samantha has worked on numerous design projects for my company Eden Cubed, Inc. She first designed a beautiful logo by hand for Mama Art Cafe, and later completed the design for over a hundred labels for my distribution business. My requests were particular and she gracefully worked within my parameters, while still bringing her own style to the designs. She made our image and branding contemporary yet timeless and was able to create a very dynamic label design using only one color to keep our printing budget low. Samantha and Owen are professional, thorough, and efficient and I look forward to working on more projects with Design des Troy.

Paulo Cabezas

Eden Cubed, Inc. / Mama Art Cafe

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