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Nightsound Studios

We designed the mark Nightsound Studios, a Carrboro, NC recording studio, for its inception in 2001 and only slightly refined it two decades later.

The logo for the now defunct Nightsound Show podcast featured a moon which references both the original logo and the grooves of a record.

Since the first day my business Nightsound Studios was open, people have told me they were impressed by and attracted to the  Design des Troy designed. Soon after opening, clients were asking for shirts featuring the logo when we hadn’t even considered making any. Now, 20 years later, people I don’t know are wearing shirts with the studio’s logo all around town, and I’ve heard stories of clients being approached by strangers in airports telling them that they have a Nightsound logo t-shirt also.

Not only has the professional quality of the design allowed so many to recognize Nightsound, it’s even drawn people to find out more about us. That’s much more than I ever expected even a beautiful logo to be capable of, and I have Design des Troy to thank for that.

Chris Wimberley

Owner / Producer / Audio Engineer, Nightsound Studios

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