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Women In Product

Women in Product is a non-profit whose mission is to “equip women and non-binary folks to thrive in product management careers at all levels.”  We were excited to help them with a rebrand, including a new logo, brand guidelines, and website with the goal of communicating a sense of community — particularly important in a post-Covid world.

The Logo

Women In Product needed a logo that was at home in the tech-sphere but would appeal to their membership — women and non-binary people who are product managers.

We combined a stylized-triangle/abstracted-W logomark with typography that places an emphasis on “Women.”  The sharp precision of the mark is combined with a tech-but-feminine color palette and a visual language with soft curves, circles, and member-focused photography to round out the visual identity for Women In Product.

Variations of the logo were created for many different situations, including their annual conference and the local chapters.

Social Media

In the interest of creating a cohesive online brand expression we updated Women In Product’s social media as well and provided templates for social posts.





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